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Frequently Asked Questions

The acronym is FAQs - a good place to start when you need to find some information on a question you might have.

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How can I purchase your art?

First of all, I LOVE this question! I have the lyrics of the song, "These are a few of my favorite things" floating in my head - but its true. I am happy that you like my art enough to want to include it in your life too!. 

In answer to the question, there are a few options to purchase my art. 

ONLINE: I have an Etsy shop at Not all of my art is on Etsy, as the artworks size and shipping are to be considered.

PayPal: or the button below

I have my art semi scattered about in local galleries or shows, so it would probably be better to ask if a specific piece is still available first. I am trying to build up my inventory enough that some art is on Etsy only, or at Clearbrook only, etc so that I can avoid any issue. 

Do you live in Northern Virginia or are you in the area? Check out my Art Events page for upcoming shows to meet me in person!

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What is Clearbrook?

As a member of the Prince William Art Society, I have the ability to have some of my artwork hung at the Clearbrook ​Center of the Arts, located at 2230 B Tackett’s Mill Drive Lake Ridge, VA 22192 - in the lower back side of the Tackett's Mill Shopping Center. Clearbrook is an art gallery that is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 pm and is staffed by the PWAS members. Artwork is changed out bi-monthly.

What is PWAS?

PWAS is the Prince William Art Society in Prince William County, Virginia. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit group of local art​ists. Their mission is to "To promote the creation, understanding and exhibition of the visual fine arts in Prince William County, VA" - and they are!! I joined the group in March 2021 and they have benefited me greatly. I highly recommend artists to join at least one local art group near them, there is always something to learn and great friendships to be made.

Clearbrook Center of the Arts

Tackett's Mill in Lake Ridge, Virginia

How l​ong does a Commission take? And cost?

There are so many variables with these questions that it is hard to answer! A painting's time and cost are based on several factors including: my available time, the size of the painting, the subject of the painting (are good photos available if needed?) and some simple things like our clear communications between the artist and client (email, texts, phone calls), the agreements, the contract, and deposit/payment received. Then there is the preparation, sketching, the actual painting and the curing times for the paint and the varnishing processes. Shipping may be another consideration for a completed painting to be received as well. The Cost of the painting can only be configured once several decisions are made specifically - the size, subject, how long it will take me - in particular.

Do you take Commission Requests?

Yes I do - depending on subject though. I am not comfortable with painting specific persons for example. I am a self-taught artist, and am trying to learn how to paint people. It is an ongoing thing. 

Depending on my workload and time of year, some artwork may need to be scheduled. If several people want something painted by a specific date - holiday and/or birthday gifts at the same time, an artist must take the first come first served (or first deposit received) option.

What does "you are not taking commissions at this time mean"?

Occasionally an artist will post that they are not taking commissions at this time and they could have a lot of reasons for this as anyone would. They could be on a break from art, on vacation, a lot going on with their life, family or work, or could have so many commissions lined up that their work load precludes any additional work for a time. Typically, once the artist is ready to take the extra work on again, they change their status.

Commissioned artwork called "Mount Assiniboine, BC" is a 18x24 gallery wrapped stretched canvas painted with acrylics. (SOLD)

"I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat"

I left a comment on your blog, why can't I see it?

Comments are monitored and managed - to avoid being spammed and perhaps to stay on topic. Once I approve the comment, it will show.

Do you paint people?

I'm learning to paint people...I am mystified how people paint other people and it actually LOOKS like that person. When I grow up, I hope to be able to do that too. For now, the people I paint do not appear to be aliens so far. But of course, it may have been on purpose too.

Do you paint pets?

I have in the past. I hope to do more.

Do you paint in oils?

I have in the past. I hope to do more. The same with Watercolors.

Do you frame the artwork?

It depends. For Commissioned pieces, I have not because I typically use Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvases which do not need to be framed. I like to paint the edges of the artwork to give the piece a more finished look and appeal. I also feel that frames can sort of 'make or break' the finished piece and I leave that to the client to match the frame to their décor. 

For displaying artwork in local shows and galleries, there are quite often 'rules' for displaying artwork correctly. If a Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas was not used, a frame must be included on the artwork. In these cases, I have used "floater frames", quite often in basic black as I like the ability to set the canvas into the frame and still see some of the edging of the painting. The artwork that has the frame included will be updated to show that in the gallery.

"Let's Go Visit the Hobbits" is SOLD